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If a number contains * this is simply to protect the buyer privacy as thousands view our website weekly. It is not necessary but for some numbers we feel the need to. But please do not hesitate to contact use to advice you on the complete number. * could be any random digit.

Of course you may. Most numbers are shown in full however if they contain * then we are happy to reveal the complete number, just contact us.

Purchasing a number from Exclusive Numbers cannot be easier. Simply pick a number you wish to purchase click on ‘add to basket’ then view basket and follow the simple steps.

Card payment via website (PayPal), bank transfer or cash on collection (in London).

Yes, it is probably the safest way of paying online now days.

We deliver worldwide. However please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Once payment is clear it will take no more than 48hours till you get your exclusive number anywhere in the UK. Outside the UK would take longer, contact us for more information.

Yes as long as it is bank transfer or cash payment. However as for PayPal we will have to send it to the address provided by PayPal, which you could change simply by logging on to PayPal.

Yes any number can be transferred to any UK network of your choice using a PAC code.

Simply by calling the current operator and requesting a PAC code. Our team will be with you every step of the way.

PAC stands for ‘Porting Authorisation Code’ it is a code that allows you to change your mobile number from one network to another. PAC codes are valid for 30days, after which another PAC code will have to be generated.

Porting a number could take up to 48 working hours however most of the times it takes 24 hours

Yes your contract will continue as normal. Your old number will be lost and replaced with the exclusive number.

As we advise all customers to register the numbers it means if the sim card is lost at any point then a quick call to the operating network would have them sending a replacement sim card to your address.

We ask all customers to carefully pick the number as once payment is made for a number we cannot return the number.

Unfortunately we do not refund nor do we exchange, so please take your time choosing a number. Use our wish list to help you compare.

Unfortunately that is not possible due to very high demands.

If anything is still not clear or you have any other questions that are not mentioned above and need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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